A Lesson in Patience – Prophet Ayub A.S

Hadhrat Ayyoob (AS) was amongst the Ambiyaa of the Bani Israa’eel and therefore from the progeny of Hadhrat Ya’qoob (AS). His mother also happened to be Hadhrat Loot (AS)’s daughter. Hadhrat Ayyoob (AS) is regarded to be amongst the Arab Ambiya since his hometown was a place near Damascus in the Bathaniyyah area. He was an extremely perseverant person, steadfast on his Deen, always pleased with Allaah’s decree and always relying on Allaah. He was very wealthy and had many children. Allaah tested him by causing him to lose all his wealth; all his children and a debilitating disease afflicted him. However, Hadhrat Ayyoob (AS) exercised great patience and always remained grateful to Allaah. The only Du’aa he made was to say, “O my Rabb! Affliction has ravaged me, but You are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.” Allaah accepted his Du’aa and replaced his wealth and doubled his children. He eventually passed away at the age of 140 years.



October 29, 2017

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